Thursday, January 21, 2010

Series: Willa

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Series: The Absentee Owner

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The Absentee Owner
Tonight I endep up staying over at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. My friend Soledad from Peru is staying here for a week, we are pretty good friends, but recently she only calls me when she has sentimental troubles with her boyfriend, it seems that they are going to break up again, but it’s the same story, the anecdotes make no difference in the end, like a roulette with just one color, let’s say red, casino red... What is it that makes her cling to him anyway? I can’t believe a human creature can get so attached to only one person... She leaves me alone after a couple of hours, and I can not help but thinking about my own owner… Oh just the way I feel right now, I can understand how a luxury prostitute could feel without a client, or even without a pimp -an owner-, available in the middle of the night, sad and humiliated by the coldness and the plastic pride of the paraphernalia of a five stars hotel. Alone to death, but at the same time decadently longing a mysterious encounter with a young and joyful bandit to finally smash her of pleasure… Shucks! I’d better go take a shower…

今夜は結局リッツ・カールトンに泊まることになった。ペルーの友だちのSoledadもここに一週間前からいる。仲はいいけれど、彼女は最近彼氏とうまくいってないときにだけ私を呼び出す。どうせまた別れそうに思えるのだけど、結局カジノで赤一色のルーレットをしているようなもの。どうしてずっと彼に執着するのだろう。私は人間という生き物が、誰かひとりにだけ惹かれるなんてことが理解できない。彼女が私を置いて出て行って数時間経つ。私は自分のあるじのことを考えてしまう。あぁ、今の気分なら客のいない高級娼婦の気持ちもわかる。客引き、つまり主人さえもおらず、五つ星ホテルの寒さに恥ずかしくて耐えられない、手持ち無沙汰の真夜中。孤独でいながら、でも投げやりな気持ちで若い男との刺激的な出会いを求めながら……。あぁ! シャワーを浴びた方がよさそうね。

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Absentee Owner

Thanks for coming to Willa's release party. After an entire year of my absence in the public eye, I came up with this theme (The Absentee Owner) that deals with the absence of love, emptyness and -narcisistically- my own image -the owner of the parties. I met many new people, if something, I'm pretty sure we killed emptyness together!
I leave you with an interview about Willa plus the photos from the party.

///"Willa" What was it named after of?
It all came together from heaven, like an epiphany, while watching Six Feet Under.

Among the guests were Mori Art Museum's general Shinya Takahashi. Art collectors Keita Arisawa, Mr. Edo, Johnnie Walker, Naoki Hayashi, Mitsuru Shimazu, Fujimori Shiki, Okunobe san and Satoshi Okada. APC's director Fabrice Hebert. Art writer Chie Sumiyoshi. Eventers Norio Ishiwata and Franck Stofer. Gallery Naruyama's Jason. Performer Lauren Levitt. Willa's muse Sono. Muses Nakao, Fuyuri and Aiko. Special thanks to Willa's co-hostess Vivienne Sato, to musician Allon Beausoleil for sitar psychedelic show, to selectors Rob Judges and Young Caravaggio and to curator Azusa Shintaku.

/// Please tell us why you started a party.
みんなと同じだよ。ただ楽しみたいから、新しい友達つくったり、ナンパに明け暮れたりして、ただ単に楽しみたいから。 誰も他に僕が開くようなパーティーをしてないしね。もしかしたら何人かの人は僕のコンセプトを理解できないかもしれな いけど、見事な才能とスタイルを兼ね備えた人たちが集まるパーティーに行くことってすごいセクシーで楽しそうだと思わない? そんなトーキョーのホットな人たちを寄せ集めたいんだよね。なんにせよ、トーキョー人って僕にとってちょっと 物足りないんだ。だってよく、みんなが僕に“君なしのトーキョーなんてつまらない”って言うけど、なんで誰も、この 空っぽのトーキョーで戦おうとする人がいないんだろうってむしろ不思議に思うよ。「今となってはパーティーなんてそうい う空虚さに対抗する療法でしかない」、だとか、「ああいうのは薄っぺらい」って言う人もいるけど、パーティーだって他の どんな社会的行動とも同じように強力な文化的要素を示してると思う。だからうわべだけなんてことは全くない。僕のパー ティーに、来てみてよ、テーマは人間の条件について、すべてのパーティーから浅薄さを減らすために。トリッキーかつ、 人工的なんだけど、その本質はアートだって僕は言える、自分の心の中に劇場があってさ、人生そのものじゃないけど、人 生についてのその舞台でなら誰だって役者になれるからね。
Like everybody, just for the fun of it, to make new friends, to get hedonistic, to “nanpa”. What happens is that nobody does the kind of parties I do. Maybe some people can not understand my concept, but don't you think it is more fun and sexier to come to a party where people is capable of using their brain and style? I want to gather all the hotties from Tokyo. However, I think Tokyoites are a bit too lazy people for me. Many guys told me, "Tokyo was boring without you". I wonder why nobody in Tokyo does anything to combat this emptyness. Well, now you can say parties are just one single form of therapy against void, and perhaps the most superficial, but as any social behaviour, I think it depicts a strong cultural factor. So it is not so superficial in the end. And come on, my party, with themes about human condition, is the less superficial of all parties. But it's tricky, it's artificial, I could say it is art in essence, a theatre in your mind, it's not life, it's about life and you become an actor.

/// What was the trigger of your coming to Japan?

/// What did the encounter with Sono chan mean to you?
I thought she was an art object and very very expensive!

///how do you construct the story? - what is source of the concepts or sceneries?
Everything I do is pretty much a roman à clef and a love letter.

///Favorite artist.
たくさんあるよ。最近夢中になってるのは、マガリ・ソリエル、ファスビンダー、ルクレシア・マーテル、プッチーニ、JG バラード、チャブーカ・グランダ、ステファニー・シュナイダー、キャット・パワー、マリア・カラス、ナン・ゴールディン、ハンス・ベル メール、ジャ・ジャンクー、アンジェラ・ゲオルギュー、ダニエラ・デッシーと、ニコラ・プッサン。
So many. These days I devour Magaly Solier, Fassbinder, Lucrecia Martel, Puccini, J.G. Ballard, Chabuca Granda, Maria Callas, Stefanie Schneider, Cat Power, Nan Goldin, Hans Bellmer, Jia Zhangke, Angela Gheorghiu, Daniela Dessi and Nicolas Poussin.

///Do you have any habits? especially about the collection of a bunch of images you hold in your computer.
僕は熱狂的なアート好きだから、大量のイメージ画像をパソコンに保存すること自体が自分の心の中にアートを蓄積してい るようなもんなんだよね。でも最近は、自分や、家に遊びにくる友達のために料理をすることが、最近の楽しみになってる。
I'm a passionate art lover, to save those images in my computer is just a metaphor of putting art inside of my heart. But I'm actually more excited about my new pleasures, like cooking for me and for anyone that comes inside of my house.

●今後どんなパーティーがしたい? Willaの行く末や4Fでのパーティーについて
///What kind of party do you want to hold in the future? fx, Willa's future. party on the 4th floor.
If Willa works in Tokyo, I would love to host the living artists I like.

Willa Presents “The Absentee Owner” 1/16/2010
at Magic Room in Nadiff, the intellectual Ebisu spot

So where is the owner of your heart? Is he on a bussiness trip, or he is fighting in the war? Is he working abroad as a marginal
inmigrant to save money and get his family out of poverty, or is he studying a p.h.D in Harvard? Did he just left you for other, or maybe
he just doesn’t exist? Maybe you want to be the owner of yourself so that you will never get into the realm of emptiness again?
Or maybe you will find your owner here… Maybe it is me???

あなたの心のあるじはどこに消えたの? 出張へ? それとも戦火の中へ? 
貧しい家族を養うため出稼ぎに? もしくはハーヴァードで博士号を取得しに? 他の女のために出て行ったのか、彼はそもそも存在しなかったのか 
もう空虚な世界に立ち入らずに済むよう、あなたはあるじの存在を埋めようとしているの……? あるじはもしかしたら自分自身かもしれないわね

Maybe no, but come to WILLA's RELEASE and let's see what happens..! And let's do some stuffs in 2010 from the very January!!!!

WILLA presents “The Absentee Owner” PARTY RELEASE
At Magic Room in Nadiff, Ebisu
1/16 sat, 8pm - 5am
Featuring: intro to WILLA’s original imagery
Hosted by Galle & Vivienne Sato
Music: Allon Beausoleil (SITAR PSYCHEDELIA LIVESHOW 11pm), Rob Judges & Young Caravaggio
Manifesto 日本語OK!

Some images from the exhibiton "The Absentee Owner"
that will be on display at the gallery.
Photos by Gallermic.

See you next Willa!2/20 post valentine